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Inspired by the project? You can contribute!

As you might expect, the service is developed by an aftok - the fixpoint aftok! The backend service is written in Haskell programming language, and is licensed under the AGPL; source code is available on github. The user interface is implemented in purescript using the tbd library.

How you can help

There's a lot to be done everywhere, but we particularly need assistance with web design and user interface components, improving our cryptocurrency integration and potentially providing integration with cryptocurrencies other than Zcash. Some low-hanging fruit:

Add an ergonomic interface for amending a contributor's logged intervals, in case they forgot to start or stop their clock at some point

Update the main aftok server from using the old Snap web framework to something more modern, such as servant.

Improve the revenue auction interface to ensure that all the common use cases are covered.

Improve the documentation!

Interested to help? You can join the discord channel to get to know us and request and invitation to the fixpoint project!