Frequently Asked Questions

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Why isn't this application on a blockchain?

Perhaps it should be! But not yet. The problem with fully-distributed applications is that they're pretty difficult to change once they're deployed. By starting out as a centralized service, we're making it easier for us to be as responsive as possible to our users' needs that we might not have figured out just yet.

When will all the missing features be implemented?

As soon as we have time to implement them, which could be this coming week, or next year, or never. This is an experiment and a hobby project up until the point that it starts generating enough revenue to allow us to devote more time to it. If you've tried to use the basic functionality that's currently available and been stymied somehow, let us know - we want to make what we've got as solid as possible before adding features.

I think my collaborator is cheating me, what do I do?

You have two choices, which aren't mutually exclusive: talk to them about it, and/or fork away from them. It's hard saying that you don't want to work with someone any more, but walking away (with whoever else feels the same) is better than trying to run a business with someone you don't feel you can trust.

What kind of guarantees do you provide?

None whatsoever. This is extremely alpha software at this point, use at your own risk, expect that payments could be lost or the wrong amounts could be sent to the wrong people.

What's with the upside-down anarchy symbol?

In mathematical notation the character denotes "forall". An aftok is anarchic in that it is leaderless, but strongly mutualistic in philosophy and execution. Hence, a "forall-archy".

I'm really inspired by this project, can I donate money to help you out?

Okay, this isn't really a frequently-asked question; we just wish it were. Donations are accepted with absolute gratitude.