Cooperative. Consensual.

Companies for the rest of us

An aftok is a radical new kind of cooperative, bottom-up business organization. It's a way for you and some trusted friends to build things together and get paid for your efforts, without the hiearchy or overhead of a traditional company.

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Fairness for all participants

The essential characteristic of an aftok is consent. Built on the principles of mutual aid, but using market mechanisms to facilitate decisionmaking, an aftok provides the structure people need to work together and then gets out of the way.

Start a project.

When you create a project, you can invite others who share your vision to participate.

Record your time.

Keep track of the time you spend working on the project. When it's time to get paid, this will determine your share of the revenue.

Get paid.

We provide a billing service that depends upon the privacy-oriented Zcash blockchain. Your customers pay your project's contributors directly, using one-to-many Zcash transactions.

Collaboratively manage your team's expenses.

An aftok doesn't have a bank account, so we provide powerful tools to help you allocate funding for shared expenses. A unique auction mechanism is used to ensure fairness in managing and funding your overhead.

Collaborative decisions

Strong privacy

Billing management


Strong programmability

Built as an API-first service, provides all the tools you need to automate your own workflows. From customized participant awarding schedules to full data access for automated monitoring and reporting, we make sure you always have access control you need.

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Guides to help you on your way

When trying out something new, it's good to have a resource you can turn to to find answers to common questions. Our knowledge base provides suggestions on how to make sure your aftok is operating as effectively as possible.


Get together. Build something.

The best teams optimize for trust. Yours can too.